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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#674 multi mimetypes enhancement minor editor
#180 new file is failing defect major editor
#1342 new info/about box should have a "Close" button enhancement trivial not classified yet
#232 no Padre on OpenBSD as cannot build WxWidgets 2.8.7 defect major External dependency
#274 no document open => run any kind of Padre::Task::PPI::* => die() tsee defect minor editor
#35 no image handler for type 9 defined defect major editor
#349 no version in main window title defect major editor
#143 open should allow me to type in a module name and it should look for that module enhancement major editor
#900 opening binary files may crash Padre defect major editor
#482 option to force line endings format enhancement major editor
#1285 osx test failure - xt/mimetype.t fails on osx Lion tome defect major not classified yet
#1435 outline entries can become padded (too high) when typing 'has' bowtie defect trivial Outline
#552 outline view nests stigmata and packages wrongly defect minor Outline
#352 output capture based on file type defect major editor
#351 output should be empty at startup defect major editor
#79 padre --index dies defect major editor
#271 padre 0.22 leaking into cpan index task minor downstream
#233 padre 0.26 does not install on strawberry perl 5.10 azawawi defect major editor
#243 padre alerts about errors in commented code defect major editor
#224 padre chokes on files containing NULL byte (^@) jquelin defect major editor
#304 padre chokes plain text files with non-ascii characters defect major editor
#823 padre crashes when highlighting text with shift+right arrow defect critical editor
#104 padre crashes when running ack defect major editor
#223 padre does not close defect critical editor
#187 padre does not install on strawberry perl with perl 5.10 defect critical editor
#444 padre does not install on windows with strawberry perl 5.10 garu defect major editor
#846 padre fails t/14-warnings.t with "Can't locate object method "ide" via package "Padre"" under AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 defect major editor
#749 padre should take shebang line into account for syntax highlighting defect major editor
#216 padre uses lots of memory defect minor editor
#837 padre.exe should be able to be placed in c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin azawawi enhancement trivial editor
#38 pastebin or perlmonks or mailing list integration enhancement major editor
#208 perl6 .t files are not highlighted by the STD highlighter azawawi defect major editor
#302 perl6 syntax highlighting and outline not active on vista using wperl.exe azawawi defect major editor
#1359 plugin manager vertical separator should be movable bowtie enhancement minor not classified yet
#189 pod viewer crashes when pressing forward button azawawi defect major POD based help
#86 possibility to wrap a paragraph intelligently defect major editor
#106 preference "use tabs" is not saved defect minor editor
#228 preference, settings, etc. *not* saved / restored defect critical editor
#1033 preferences dialog: setting description makes no sense defect minor Preference System
#388 preferences window crashes padre defect major editor
#570 pwhich is broken in Padre standalone adamk defect major downstream
#490 quick access to open files azawawi defect major editor
#55 recognize when file is changed on disk enhancement major editor
#134 refine selection enhancement major editor
#542 regex editor enhancement major Regex Editor
#921 regex syntax error defect minor Regex Editor
#220 reloading file should move cursor to where it was defect major editor
#566 remove the Padre planet (blogs) szabgab enhancement major admin
#335 replace on regex with empty string defect major editor
#9 reuse empty unsaved buffer enhancement major editor
#84 save as should update document type and syntax highlighting defect major editor
#289 scrolling at preference tab does not work defect minor editor
#133 search during selection enhancement major editor
#327 search entry in docbrowser not really intuitive submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#320 search for current word enhancement major editor
#896 search term is not remembered by the text input field defect minor editor
#438 search window cannot be closes defect major editor
#661 segfault when closing the document browser using x defect major POD based help
#172 selecting a bookmark crashes padre defect major editor
#7 setup mailing lists szabgab enhancement major website
#710 share/doc/perlopref.pod missing author/license azawawi defect critical downstream
#141 shift+tab changes tab defect major editor
#493 splash image license not suitable for Debian defect major downstream
#202 status line on the wrong location azawawi defect minor editor
#188 style night don't see the cursor azawawi defect minor editor
#381 syntax check chokes on "use Foo::Bar" defined in the same project defect major editor
#698 syntax check leaks files in /tmp defect major editor
#1156 syntax check strangeness azawawi defect minor advanced perl tools
#1314 syntax checker cannot deal with abs_path($0) ? defect major Syntax Checking
#101 syntax highlighting gone wrong: dor (//) not understood azawawi defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Syntax Highlighting
#750 tab / ctrl+tab do not work anymore waxhead defect blocker editor
#1432 task manager test segfaults with DBI >= 1.619 alias, adamk defect major Automated Build and Test
#1293 task signal test failed during CPAN Upgrade (0.86 to 0.88) defect blocker not classified yet
#291 test 10-copyright.t fails on defect minor editor
#1393 test 14_warnings.t fails under cpanm set's $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} true adamk, azawawi defect major installation
#964 tests t/21 to t/28 require a DISPLAY defect blocker editor
#720 the default copyright year isnt dynamic for a perl module enhancement trivial External dependency
#149 the snippets should be aware of the file-type enhancement major editor
#248 timeline-*.pl scripts need no #!/usr/bin/perl defect trivial downstream
#1153 title bar $version defect minor Title and Status Bar Personalization
#1483 toggling breakpoints while debugger is running takes no effect SvenDowideit defect major not classified yet
#333 too much debug information azawawi defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1397 unable to figure out what the status says defect minor editor
#747 undo not undoing enough defect major editor
#170 unset DISPLAY defect minor downstream
#138 upgrade Scintilla in wxWidgets azawawi enhancement major External dependency
#1044 use integrated CPAN installer for Plug-in installation enhancement minor CPAN Module Installer
#692 use modules installed with local::lib (if available) nferraz enhancement minor editor
#82 version control interface (such as diffs, stats, commits, merges) enhancement major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks Integrated Version Control
#1344 version control panel, set focus, on open, to first diff found azawawi enhancement minor not classified yet
#310 vertical alignment is a bit broken azawawi defect major editor
#18 vi-mode enhancement major editor
#1007 warn output overwrites file name and other warns in Linux garu defect major editor
#808 warning in Makefile.PL on perl 5.11.3 defect major editor
#1353 warning when accessing context menu azawawi defect major not classified yet
#193 warnings printed on console by Perl6 parser azawawi defect major plugins
#1181 web site mod szabgab enhancement trivial website
#420 weblink of »view all open bugs« is wrong defect minor editor
#53 when no file is open and context sensitive help crashes Padre defect critical editor
#771 when plugin is enabled in Plugin Manager it does not show up in menu defect major editor
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