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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#88 Can't get focus on OS X defect critical editor
#119 when closing the output and sub window using their [x] the relevant menu View/... should be updated as well defect major editor
#168 columns in the Syntax check window should keep their size enhancement major Syntax Checking
#179 ppi syntax highlighting does not work for <<EOF defect major editor
#375 did not install on strawberry perl 5.10 and version 0.36 defect major editor
#719 TreeCtrl is a mess - renaming of file doesnt work (windows) defect major editor
#778 Prevent accidental spammy Ack/Output processes killing Padre adamk defect major Find in Files
#941 Help is improperly formatted/displayed defect major Context Sensitive Help
#1151 Tab order and Ctrl-Up/Down defect major editor
#1282 Wx::Scintilla v0.21_02 and TABS azawawi defect major Syntax Highlighting
#1360 Padre doew not start on Windows XP platform defect major not classified yet
#1475 Revolution in Information and Communication Technology defect major not classified yet
#1486 Use of Technology will be Preferable defect major not classified yet
#1510 Ensure usage of File::Spec version 3.2 or higher in Makefile.PL defect major not classified yet
#309 Wx::StaticText does not support style characteristics enhancement minor Wx::Perl::Dialog
#621 Did you know? Startup - notes Sewi enhancement minor editor
#759 Flicker when typing in Padre defect minor editor
#1028 Syntax highlighting in Padre using Colorer enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#711 menu code enhancement trivial editor
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