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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1456 ~Strawberry Perl szabgab defect minor DWIM Perl
#1452 spam defect major not classified yet
#1320 crash: Can't locate object method "SetIndicatorCurrent" defect critical not classified yet
#1292 File New Perl 5 Script/template/test crashing in trunk asafiss defect major not classified yet
#1117 Filter through Perl: strange behavior defect major editor
#1089 Text::FindIndent warning defect minor External dependency
#1088 Silent test failures in 0.76 defect critical editor
#1067 Open Resource dialog incomplete defect minor editor
#1036 Debugged scripts can't find modules in the current directory defect critical Debugger for Perl 5
#1035 Padre hangs while debugged script hangs szabgab defect critical Debugger for Perl 5
#1008 "Perl" menu does not vanish when switching to plain text file defect minor editor
#981 updated russian translation enhancement major editor
#768 help does not work on windows defect major editor
#732 Weird padre Close bug on 0.49 defect major editor
#642 ProcessSteam: Run missing defect major editor
#629 open ticktes for TODO items (and fix them) Chelsea enhancement major editor
#620 Suggestion: Hotkey to indent/unindent selection enhancement minor editor
#545 upgrading using Vista azawawi enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#328 docbrowser mixes html with plain text submersible_toaster defect major POD based help
#293 Install problems OpenSuse 11.0 defect minor editor
#269 Padre always starts in minimized window defect major editor
#130 key binding and menu option for rectangular select enhancement major editor
#91 Tests fail (missing dependancies) defect major editor
#51 Missing ActivePerl modules defect major editor
#50 META.yml missing defect major editor
#34 Make sure Padre can be redistributed by Debian task major downstream
#19 Add content to szabgab task major website
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