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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1362 padre crash when typing first letter in new file defect blocker not classified yet
#199 Show Error List does not show up defect critical editor
#424 segmentation fault: fast repeated clicks to toggle status in plugin manager defect critical editor
#772 Cannot Minimize window with Outline Window open defect critical editor
#1276 Compilation of padre.exe triggers virus warning defect critical installation
#73 Padre 0.08 crashes on Windows XP defect major editor
#78 No Perl Tidy menu defect major editor
#174 Can't edit file defect major editor
#229 Gui Output pane overlaps the editor pane defect major editor
#242 perl does not close defect major editor
#262 Padre crashes on exit defect major editor
#265 Alt-F4 Closes Application Without Saving (WinXP) defect major editor
#337 2 replace buttons in replace dialog defect major editor
#356 encoding problem defect major editor
#360 Toolbar does not refresh when changing Padre's language defect major editor
#374 Cannot upgrade to 0.35 in Windows defect major editor
#617 Random crashes while editing (syntax highlighting suggestion) azawawi defect major editor
#619 Multiple files open, editor switches between tabs by itself defect major editor
#870 Padre crashs when closing "Open Resource" with the 'x' button from window manager defect major Wx::Perl::Dialog
#934 to much output blocks Padre defect major editor
#979 Reload/Refresh Files dialog only ever gives you the option to close the selected file. sewi defect major editor
#1049 Padre without menu defect major editor
#1065 external run console does not properly support utf8 output on Ubuntu defect major editor
#1250 Menu bar text dissapear after saving new Key Binding hayzer defect major not classified yet
#775 Patch: Add Syntax Check to Padre::Plugin::JavaScript enhancement minor plugins
#1127 Function list empty when enabled at startup + file is opened defect minor advanced perl tools
#207 Help window - "Back" and "Forward" buttons defect trivial editor
#1474 UNABLE TO RUN THE PERL SCRIPT THE IN THE PADRE PERL IDE defect trivial Basic Editor Features
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