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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#753 Implement better method autocompletion heuristics enhancement major Autocomplete
#760 Clone and Substitution mode of txt2re enhancement major Regex Editor
#766 Suggest better solutions for code enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#769 disallow variables that differ only in sigils enhancement major editor
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#792 Threaded script output is in the wrong order defect major editor
#815 Clickable filenames in Console enhancement major editor
#818 project detection is done in multiple places, refactor needed enhancement major Project Management
#827 Fix the web site generation code szabgab defect major website
#844 add wysiwyg-ish pod editing capabilities enhancement major editor
#873 Show file tabs on the left/right side instead of top enhancement major editor
#879 Search in directory via contextual-menu on a folder enhancement major Project Browser
#933 Add command key equivalent to save "command-S" enhancement major editor
#980 Have the open URL File dialog show file structure to browse for file on remote file system. enhancement major editor
#991 rename project-wide variable/function name enhancement major Refactoring Perl 5
#1022 Remember earlier copies and cuts and allow pasting later enhancement major editor
#1025 Reorganizing the "list of open files" in the Window menu enhancement major editor
#1026 synchronized horizontal split enhancement major Split View
#1041 [Syntax::Highlight::Perl6] failed tests when installing version 0.88 from CPAN defect major Perl 6
#1046 script-based generation of binary packages szabgab enhancement major admin
#1048 file/directory browser enhancement major Project Browser
#1054 Add BioPerl templates to Padre enhancement major editor
#1055 Expand the notion of a "project" in Padre enhancement major Project Management
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported enhancement major Remote Editing
#1057 support GVFS on Linux and *BSD enhancement major editor
#1062 add a search function to the website szabgab enhancement major website
#1066 problems with Japanese encodings on Windows defect major editor
#1071 Padre::Plugin::Dancer plugin enhancement major plugins
#1072 Regex editor: help button enhancement major Regex Editor
#1074 Org-Mode enhancement major plugins
#1087 "Show Value Now" should be displayed in a read-only text box enhancement major editor
#1090 Autocomplete bracket with indentation enhancement major Brackets
#1092 force save file when file is read only enhancement major editor
#1098 common configuration setting "ignore directories" for Find in Files, Open Resource, Project Browser enhancement major editor
#1103 Jump to the beginning and the end of the current subroutine enhancement major editor
#1105 opening non-existing file - strange warning message defect major editor
#1106 Perl/Create Projects Tagfile cause Padre to freeze defect major Autocomplete
#1108 Rectangular editing / column mode / vertical selection / box selection enhancement major editor
#1112 Remember manually selected mime-type - "View Document As" enhancement major Basic Editor Features
#1113 Padre defaults for students (beginners in general?) enhancement major downstream
#1115 Filter through Perl: use Padre's editor component enhancement major Super Grep
#1128 Filter through Perl: improvements enhancement major Super Grep
#1131 Using Ctrl-3 ("Quick Menu Access") leads to GTK warnings and eventually crashes defect major Quick Menu Access
#1133 ./dev can not be run on the branch defect major development
#1146 help system with example (reference with autoitscript) enhancement major editor
#1152 Padre is not displaying DOS-ASCII ANSI encoded text files with Hebrew correctly defect major editor
#1169 Regex Editor does not understand \Q defect major Regex Editor
#1170 Add undo to the regex editor enhancement major Regex Editor
#1172 Integrate the Recent File feature with the command line window enhancement major Command Line Window
#1192 "Fold all" does not fold all defect major Visual Editor Effects
#1201 Refactoring tool for Perl::Critic rules enhancement major Refactoring Perl 5
#1217 save session automatically enhancement major Session Management
#1225 Internal window does not fill the full application defect major not classified yet
#1229 Functions Window does not show all functions or slowdown if source contains UTF-8 defect major not classified yet
#1230 Pasting via CRTL-V in Find Pastes the text into the editor defect major Find in Files
#1252 Show various Perl related environment information enhancement major not classified yet
#1262 The combo keys for type a backslash (\) on OS X with french keyboard raises the contextual menu defect major Basic Editor Features
#1300 Tabs are all confused Alias defect major editor
#1311 Use additional mouse buttons enhancement major editor
#1312 Mouse (Ubuntu) Copy Paste X-Clipboard defect major editor
#1315 Context menu: keyboard alternatives do not work defect major Satisfy all the requirements of PerlMonks not classified yet
#1319 Erkenntnisse erste Nutzung task major not classified yet
#1327 Padre trunk crashes on Ubuntu 10.04 defect major not classified yet
#1328 Padre infinite loops when launched without a filename to open defect major Session Management
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#1332 Go to Prev/Next Cursor Position enhancement major editor
#1336 UI Layout - Lock/Unlock Behaviour defect major Basic Editor Features
#1345 actionqueue=internal.dump_padre is writing to a closed filehandle. defect major not classified yet
#1346 patch/diff dialog should be resizable defect major not classified yet
#1347 separate patch and diff functionality enhancement major not classified yet
#1350 Function list: support "private functions last" for all programming languages enhancement major not classified yet
#1354 put a README.txt file in the .padre directory enhancement major not classified yet
#1355 Padre should either remember per-tab search terms, or support search for the last search term defect major not classified yet
#1356 gray out "Open All/Clear Recent Files" if the list is empty enhancement major not classified yet
#1358 make status bar interactive enhancement major not classified yet
#1372 Setting indent option zaps main menu defect major not classified yet
#1380 Padres silently does not run script defect major Run
#1402 UI blocks through status menu tooltip repaint defect major editor
#1413 Broken commenting in HTML and CSS in 0.94 defect major editor
#1423 Padre crashes on keybind / Padre закрывается при попытке задать гарячие клавиши Negor defect major Preference System
#1436 Display of sessions in "Open Session" has possible off-by-one error? defect major Session Management
#1437 100% CPU when idling adamk defect major performance
#1440 Padre Document change encoding (broken) defect major editor
#1442 Perl-Arguments : startup options per file enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#1445 Crash Padre::Document::Perl::Syntax defect major editor
#1451 cant activate plugins as root user defect major plugins
#1453 Scrolling in main window broken on windows defect major Basic Editor Features
#1455 Wide characters removed from config values when running with LC_ALL=C defect major Preference System
#1462 hitting the escape key closes the output panel defect major Quick Menu Access
#1463 context help could be a tiny bit more brilliant enhancement major Context Sensitive Help
#1464 Add a Debug Launch dialogue SvenDowideit enhancement major Debugger for Perl 5
#1470 The debugger fails to find the file being stepped into SvenDowideit defect major Debugger for Perl 5
#1473 change in indent does not update until padre is closed and opened defect major Basic Editor Features
#1478 Ubuntu 12.10 and unity defect major Visual Editor Effects
#1479 Preferences shortcut defect major Preference System
#1481 Command Line window menu item shown without experimental feature enabled tome, bennie defect major OSX
#1491 Outline Entries Not Displayed on OSX defect major Outline
#1492 Shortcut keys from edit menu stop working on OS X defect major Quick Menu Access
#1493 build failed on OS X mountain lion defect major installation
#1495 Install Padre with Citrus Perl on Mac OS Lion - t/15_locale.t........Failed 5/7 defect major installation
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