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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#907 remote (sshfs) file is shown as read-only in status bar defect minor Remote Editing
#1056 Open URL dialog should show which URL types are supported enhancement major Remote Editing
#1058 Open file via SFTP enhancement minor Remote Editing
#466 allow execution with a different perl interpreter enhancement major Run
#1118 "Stop Execution" should be available in the Output pane's context menu enhancement minor Run
#1123 "Stop Execution" and "Run" should somehow indicate in the Output window how the script terminated enhancement minor Run
#1380 Padres silently does not run script defect major Run
#71 search within a function enhancement major Search and Replace
#280 ignore ignore case when there are upper case letters enhancement major Search and Replace
#318 The search should highlight all the hits with yellow marker enhancement major Search and Replace
#641 Escape doesn't search or search/replace dialog when focused on editor defect minor Search and Replace
#1043 odd behavior of regex Find defect minor Search and Replace
#1325 Backreference substitution not working in Replace dialog defect minor Search and Replace
#1217 save session automatically enhancement major Session Management
#1328 Padre infinite loops when launched without a filename to open defect major Session Management
#1436 Display of sessions in "Open Session" has possible off-by-one error? defect major Session Management
#307 Ctrl-Left mouse jumps to definition enhancement major Source Navigation
#605 Add cross reference functionality to Padre enhancement major Source Navigation
#1026 synchronized horizontal split enhancement major Split View
#1115 Filter through Perl: use Padre's editor component enhancement major Super Grep
#1128 Filter through Perl: improvements enhancement major Super Grep
#751 Proper XS lexing/highlighting enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#779 Add support for Template Toolkit files enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#914 Syntax highlighting for POD files enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1011 Syntax highlighting for Perl examples inside POD enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1205 When getting the color scheme from Notepad++, get MY color scheme enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1233 syntax highlighting for specific heredocs enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1331 Specially Handle Escaped characters enhancement major Syntax Highlighting
#1348 Add support for additional keyword lists in Scintilla LexPerl enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#1477 default color scheme is too flickering enhancement minor Syntax Highlighting
#725 remember folding state when reopening files. enhancement major Visual Editor Effects
#1192 "Fold all" does not fold all defect major Visual Editor Effects
#1478 Ubuntu 12.10 and unity defect major Visual Editor Effects
#836 Nothing after splash screen on OpenSolaris defect minor Wx::Perl::Dialog
#657 add level of difficulty field to tickets on trac szabgab enhancement major admin
#1046 script-based generation of binary packages szabgab enhancement major admin
#1133 ./dev can not be run on the branch defect major development
#508 make sure the ppm builder of ActiveState can handle Padre enhancement major downstream
#513 Create a stand alone distribution of Padre for Linux/BSD/Mac OSX enhancement major downstream
#568 Upgrade Padre in Padre Standalone enhancement major downstream
#569 Padre Standalone installation should have the padre icon enhancement major downstream
#665 include pod translations in Stand Alone Padre enhancement major downstream
#1113 Padre defaults for students (beginners in general?) enhancement major downstream
#89 shell script on OS X Schwern defect minor editor
#105 recover files when padre has crashed enhancement critical editor
#116 Collect usage statistics enhancement major editor
#120 Emacs Keybindings enhancement minor editor
#127 add menu option to already existing key bindings enhancement major editor
#317 Find methods in not yet included (or installed) modules enhancement major editor
#338 regex replace treats \n as 2 chars enhancement minor editor
#376 jump to last edit location enhancement major editor
#377 history of edited files enhancement major editor
#378 Showing invisible syntax enhancement major editor
#380 jump between opening and closing tags in XML/HTML enhancement major editor
#396 Comparing revisions of files enhancement major editor
#413 remove beginner mode task major editor
#418 remember window status enhancement minor editor
#423 Drag-n-drop open folder enhancement minor editor
#425 inserting a string at the current position enhancement major editor
#428 Track the configuration load time adamk enhancement minor editor
#434 Links in the docbrowser in the Plugin Manager should work enhancement major editor
#442 Save file types and tab positions with session enhancement trivial editor
#465 Integrate open selection with open resource enhancement major editor
#469 Allow the user to change highlighting for a specific file enhancement major editor
#499 Padre automatic indentation not working on Mac OS X defect major editor
#503 Action Toolbar vanishes in fullscreen mode. defect major editor
#507 Enable Padre to track logs enhancement major editor
#511 Windows installation should install Padre as a standard Windows app enhancement major editor
#512 Default language in Hebrew environment enhancement major editor
#515 offsite reports of Jonathan Scott Duff defect major editor
#564 First runner - learning perl enhancement major editor
#604 Feature: Bug tracker integration (right click on #Bug 1234 has option to open browser) enhancement minor editor
#613 Copy Ultraedit's "file dissapeared" semantics enhancement major editor
#639 Make get_current_symbol more robust enhancement minor editor
#656 where application icons and shortcuts go enhancement minor editor
#662 Toggle view of POD documentation enhancement major editor
#675 false positives enhancement frozen editor
#683 steal ideas from TextWrangler enhancement major editor
#688 Drag and drop not working on windows any more defect major editor
#696 Crash handler - save to disk enhancement major editor
#702 Print dialog enhancement major editor
#712 replace by link enhancement minor editor
#734 "Read" view of a file enhancement trivial editor
#769 disallow variables that differ only in sigils enhancement major editor
#792 Threaded script output is in the wrong order defect major editor
#810 File monitoring issue defect minor editor
#815 Clickable filenames in Console enhancement major editor
#830 Padre Hangup and close on Win7 with Strawberry perl 5.10.1 enhancement minor editor
#839 Show LOC count or statement count enhancement minor editor
#844 add wysiwyg-ish pod editing capabilities enhancement major editor
#868 Improve the "Live Support" menu enhancement minor editor
#869 Warn about unexpected multiline strings enhancement minor editor
#873 Show file tabs on the left/right side instead of top enhancement major editor
#895 wishlist: marking of search results in the text and in the scrollbar enhancement minor editor
#897 wrong mouse cursor for text input fields defect minor editor
#905 wishlist: folding for use statements enhancement minor editor
#909 command line option to list all existing sessions enhancement minor editor
#933 Add command key equivalent to save "command-S" enhancement major editor
#946 (wishlist) Makefile document mode enhancement minor editor
#952 Module::Install::PRIVATE::Padre is both in privinc/ and in inc/ in the distribution enhancement minor editor
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