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script-based generation of binary packages

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Most packages we offer are hopelessly out of date.
My guess this is mostly due to time constraints of the people who do the packaging.

My suggestion is to create scripts that allow the fully automatic creation of the following packages from the Padre sources:

  1. Padre Standalone for Windows (Strawberry Perl) (32/64 bit?)
  2. Padre Standalone Plus Six (including Rakudo) (32/64 bit?)
  3. Padre.dmg (Mac OS X)
  4. PPM (Active State Perl)
  5. Padre Standalone for Linux (32/64 bit?)

The additional (non-Padre) components of the packages -- Strawberry Perl, the perl binary for the Linux version, Rakudo, etc. -- would be fixed and will be upgraded less frequently than Padre itself.

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