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Rectangular editing / column mode / vertical selection / box selection

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This came up several times and searching trac I found several comments and did a little research what other editors provide.

For example see this link:


  • allow the easy selection of a rectangular area of the code event if it has 0 width.
  • allow copying from that area
  • allow typing in code once and repeating in every selected row
  • allow making some changes once and repeating it in every selected row

Padre status: r13695 (version 0.81)

Currently when I try it on my Ubuntu 10.10

  • Ctrl-Alt-Mousdrag allows rectangular selection but
  • Ctrl-Alt-Right (or Left) just switch viewspace. I guess the windowing system overrides the keys in Padre?
  • Shift-Alt-Mousedrag and Shift-Alt-Right (Left, Up, Down) allow me to do rectangular selection. I can copy from the rectangular or I can just delete it but that's it.
  • I could NOT select a 0-width selection or add the same text to several lines at the same time.

so the feature request would be to

  • Implement the other features listed above
  • Make it easy for people to find the key combination eg. by adding an empty menu option that just explains what this key binding does.

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