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Emacs Keybindings

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Currently the key blocker for me are the lack of support for emacs key bindings - any long term emacs user will have these hardcoded into their fingers and really stumble if having to use something else in a coding environment.

The commonest keys IME are as follows

Files/Documents/Windows? :

  • open - ctrl-x f
  • close - ctrl-k (with confirmation - in a gui should be enter to confirm, escape to cancel)
  • save - ctrl-x s
  • save as - ctrl-x ctrl-w
  • Add/Commit? to vcs - ctrl-v v
  • Switch to another (open) document - ctrl-b tab complete filename

Editing text :

  • upper case next/this word - alt-u
  • lower case next/this word - alt-l
  • mark start of selected region - ctrl-space
  • cut selected region - ctrl-w
  • copy selection region - alt-w
  • cut to end of line - ctrl-k
  • paste - ctrl-y

Positioning curser :

  • start of line - ctrl-a
  • end of line - ctrl-e
  • make current line middle of screen - ctrl-l


  • search - ctrl-s
  • replace - alt-% (new string, enter, old string, enter - invoke replace popup would be a good start tho)

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Sewi

There is an Emacs plugin (like the Vi plugin), but it's still at an early stage.

Most key bindings are currently build by actions which are created at Padre startup. Re-defining them in a Plugin should be easy.
If you (or any other Emacs user) would like to make this Emacs Plugin really useful by defining Emacs key bindings (and maybe other things), I'd really be happy to help.
Please come to the Padre IRC-channel (#padre on to talk about this.

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