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UI Layout - Lock/Unlock Behaviour

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Component: Basic Editor Features Version: 0.90
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I think this is a defect, and it is, at the very least partly.

OS - Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64, Perl 5.10.1, Wx Version=(0.9901) wxWidgets 2.8.11 unicode=(1)

There are 2 key problems
a) The UI layout is not saved for next sessions
b) Lock UI function barely qualifies as working.

Lock/Unlock? UI only seems to work if you load all the windows u want, -> Unlock UI -> restart padre. now it is possible to use it completely, u can move windows arnd, move toolbar, etc. Even if u toggle Lock and Unlock, it still works. However if u lock -> restart, ur back to square 1-> doesnt work.

square 1 - > If u unlock UI, and dont restart, the window titles appear, however i cannot move them, and the toolbar moving anchor does not appear either.

Exception to square 1 - > If u unlock UI and dont restart-> windows that you enable after unlocking alone can be moved.

crossing over to the enhancement side.
1) at the minimum, the layout that is modified needs to be saved for next session. Even when locked u can resize the sidebars, and this should be saved as well.
2) ideally i should be able to unlock down to tab level, i.e. split functions and todo for instance.
3) unlocking toolbar is a future looking feature? rightnow there seems to be no possible use? Either that or i can see only 1 anchor at its usual position.

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