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Padre::DocBrowser::POD 0.37 contains syntax that is only available in perl 5.10.0, so will not pass t\00-compile.t

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Component: POD based help Version: trunk
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I'm calling it "trunk" below, meaning 0.37, BTW. shows the problem.

The ?+ and *+ "posessive quantifier" syntax is a 5.10.0+ only construction - it needs replaced by something that'll work in 5.8.5-5.8.9 or Padre will not install on those perl versions. (I'm willing to call this "critical" for that reason.

My best (untested) suggestion on what the line should be instead:
my($doc,$section) = $query =~ m|([^/]+)(?>(?:/?))(?>(.*))};

I'll explain it by making it a /x regex:

my($doc,$section) = $query =~

m{([^/]+) # Capture anything (at least 1) that's not

# a forward slash, then...

(?> # Don't backtrack into this.

(?:/?) # Grab 0 or 1 slashes, and do not capture them.

(?> # Don't backtrack into this.

(.*) # Capture anything else.



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Meant my($doc,$section) = $query =~ m|([^/]+)(?>(?:/?))(?>(.*))|;

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fixed and released in 0.38

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