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[SVN plugin] Reload all files from disk after update run

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The is an idea and I don't know if it's possible at all:

Whenever "svn update" is being run on a project (either from command line or via SVN plugin), any changed file should be reloaded from disk.

We should probably add an option to reload only files which are open but haven't been changed in the editor (= all changes had been saved on disk and svn cared about possible collisions)

All running Padre instances using the updated project should be updated, others (which show other projects) shouldn't be touched.

Adding a check on the .svn dir to Padre's file-changed-on-disk feature may be an option, but it should life in the SVN Plugin and not in the Padre core source.

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by Corion

I don't think this is desirable. Usually, when I have a different version in the editor than on disk, I kept that version in the editor, merged/checked out some other version on disk.

I think it would be preferrable to get a quick diff of what's on disk vs. what's in the editor. Potentially, the UI for "file has changed on disk" shouldn't ask for every open Document but should display a more sophisticated dialog:

| The following files have changed on disk. What should I do?
| Reload Keep
| file1 [x] [ ]
| file2 [ ] [x]
| [OK] [Reload all] [Keep all]

The default would be to keep all, as not to lose any information.

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