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wishlist: folding for use statements

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An option to also fold the use statements at the beginning of a Perl file would be nice, e.g. in

use 5.008005;
use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;

# Non-Padre modules we need in order to do the single-instance
# check should be loaded early to simplify the load order.
use Carp ();
use Cwd ();
use File::Spec ();
use File::HomeDir? ();
use List::Util ();
use Scalar::Util ();
use Getopt::Long ();
use YAML::Tiny ();
use DBI ();
use DBD::SQLite ();

# load this before things are messed up to produce versions like '0,76'!
# TO DO: Bug report dispatched. Likely to be fixed in 0.77.
use version ();

our $VERSION = '0.58';

# Since everything is used OO-style, we will be require'ing
# everything other than the bare essentials
use Padre::Constant ();
use Padre::Config ();
use Padre::DB ();
use Padre::Action::Queue;

Here, it would be good to either fold all of this, or parts like the last 4-6 lines.

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