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Building the Portable Padre on Portable Strawberry Perl

(This is mostly important for the Padre development team and not the end user)

How to include Padre into Portable Strawberry and how to release it

  • Install Padre using
    cpan> install Padre
  • Install Plugins
  • .padre is currently in C:\ shall we set the PADRE_HOME to a directory in the portable distribution? (if so we can configure the plug-ins and ship them but we have to make sure the configuration files don't include personal history..
  • remove the cpan_sqlite_log.... files from c:\portable\cpan
  • remove C:\portable\cpan\build and C:\portable\cpan\sources C:\portable\cpan\Bundle
  • remove C:\portable\perl\bin\lex which the temporary directory of (~ 80 Mb)
  • ( the whole portable directory is now 202 Mb including a bare bones parrot and rakudo installation )
  • copy portablepadre.bat and from the SVN of padre\tools\portable_strawberry to portable\perl\bin
  • run padre/trunk/tools/
  • create a zip file and drag all the content of c:\portable\ in it
    • (TODO isn't there a command line tool in portable to create the zip file ?)
  • The resulting zip file for Padre 0.25 on Portable Strawberry beta 1 was 60 Mb,

Parrot and Rakudo

Building Parrot and Rakudo on Windows with Portable Strawberry Perl on it

svn co parrot
cd parrot
cd languages\perl6

Then running the tools\ will copy the necessary 3 files (PATHes are currently hardcoded)