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Development in general

We are using Subversion for version control. The main development of Padre is in the trunk but there are several additional projects and almost all the plugins of Padre also live in the same repository so the best if you check out the whole trunk

$ svn co padre

Then you can run the standard CPAN module process:

$ perl Makefile.PL      # which will tell about all the missing dependencies of Padre
$ make
$ make test

For a more detailed set of instructions on how to install the dependencies visit the Download

Once all the above works well you can launch Padre from the SVN tree by running

$ cd padre
$ perl has some more parameters you can see by typing

$ perl -h

The most important being

$ perl -a

that will include the path to all the plugins located in trunk/

see the file for Core Padre development and for Plugin development.


Translation is basically part of the development effort. For more details please take a look at this page: See TranslationIntro


The documentation of Padre is standard POD embedded in the .pm files. If you'd like to improve those you should check out the source code of Padre as described above and send patches or ask for commit bit. The documentation is part of the regular development process.


Unfortunately Padre has not enough automated test mostly due to the fact that we hardly know how to test GUI applications. The existing tests are located in the standard t/ directory. If you'd like to help in this and if you are on Windows you could take a look at the t/win32/ directory where we have a few tests written using Win32::GUItest. You would be very highly regarded if you improved the test coverage of Padre!!