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Packaging and Distribution of Padre

The primary distribution channel of Padre and the plugins is CPAN. Hence for every release first we create a CPAN distribution of Padre or the plugin and upload it to CPAN. (See the Release page for details).

Here you will find descriptions (and plans) of distributions based on those CPAN packages:


downstream distributions

Based on the CPAN package the downstream distributors (Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, FreeBSD etc.) create their .deb, .rpm etc. files. The Download page contains information about the people who maintain those packages in those distribution and the status.

downstream distributions - backporting

I don't think we have any backporting.

downloadable exe

There is a plan to create a module called Dist::Perl::XL which would create a full version of perl with Padre (and possibly other things) installed and zipped. Users will be able to download it, unzip it and run padre from that perl. They will be able to use either the perl that came with Padre or any other perl as their 'production perl'. Primarily we try to make this work for Linux but this should probably work on BSD and Mac OSX as well. If you are interested in participating please talk to us on IRC. See #513

downloadable exe based on PAR

PAR based executable: We have tried to make a PAR based executable but there is a complex issue that currently stops us (ORLite::Migrate and PAR not working well together) See #294 and #399 For now we have stopped the resarch in this direction.

installation based on Shipwright

There is a project on Github attempting to create a Shipwright package for Padre: Ask garu for the current situation. See #514

based on Activeperl

See #508 for details.


Stand alone Padre

This packaging is for people who already have Perl installed either locally or are working on a remote perl (via ssh or ftp) or later for people who do not even work on Perl code.

It builds on Strawberry Perl and should include

  • Padre
  • Several Plugins
    • Catalyst (maybe this should be split up as the Catalyst code itself needs to be installed in the running perl and not the Padre perl)
    • SVN/Git once they work reasonably well on Windows
    • other plugins as we think they are important for windows users

It has to be packaged as an .msi installer and be able to install anywhere.

I think it should create its own folder in Run/programs/Padre

This does not need to be truly portable (that is movable after installation) just that it can be installed anywhere.

The version released on 10 September 2009 still requires to be installed into c:\strawberry but the next version due in October 2009 is planned to be installable anywhere.

Stand alone portable Padre

This distribution should contain the same as the Stand alone Padre above but it should be packaged as zip file and it should be relocatable. The user can unzip it anywhere (including a disk-on key) and move it to any other place. It does not create a shortcut for itself nor does it make any change to the system. (Maybe we can include a utility that does it)

Actually I am not sure how important is this version.


There is a Dist::Perl::Padre in the works that will allow us to create a Perl distribution that has Padre already installed. At one point we might be able to install this distribution independently from any other perl installation on the same machine. That will mean the 'production perl' of the user and the perl needed by Padre does not need to be the same.

Almost Six

Almost Six is an experimental package that contains Strawberry Perl 5 + a recent release of Rakudo Perl 6 + Padre + the Perl 6 plugin of Padre. It is release about once a month after Rakudo is released and it includes the latest Padre release from CPAN.

Later maybe also include the Parrot plugin along with Cardinal, Pipp, Pynie and other languages running on Parrot. In time this can become an IDE-for-Parrot release instead of the Almost Six release.

See BuildingOnPortableStrawberry on how to build and include Rakudo

Strawberry Professional

This is a package the Strawberry developers will create that will also include Padre and a lot of other things. Talk to Alias or CSJewell regarding this.


We used to build ppm packages for Padre but we stopped it a long time ago mostly for lazyness. You are welcome to help renewing the effort though it would be probably better to make sure the build system of Activestate can handle it. See #508 for details.


No idea. Maybe the above Dist::Perl::XL will work there too. See #513


Some of the plugins will be distributed by the downstream distributors and/or will be packaged in the Dist::Perl::Padre and Dist::Perl::XL distributions.

Plugins with PAR

Plugins will be able to be distributed either from CPAN or will be packaged as PAR packages.