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The latest release of Padre is v0.05 See


Linux in general

There is an experimental executable for Linux that can be dowloaded from it has an initial warning popup but then it seems to work.


Wx is to be in the Intrepid (9.04 ?) release of Ubuntu:

Source code

Padre is released as a CPAN package. You can download and install it using or CPANPLUS. The released versions can be seen here and here

The difficult part will be to install some of the prerequisites:

Mattia Barbon did a great job with them but they are still difficult to install. Any help with this would be welcome. See the wxPerl web site and mailing list.

Additional help can be provided by:

  1. Describing the results you have on various operating systems
  2. Asking the various downstream distributors to include Padre
  3. Creating a stand-alone version using PAR

Help in any of those is appreciated. Please post links to any conversation you might have with the distro maintainers so others can follow up.

MS Windows

On Strawberry Perl 5.10 you can install it following these steps

  cpan> look Alien::wxWidgets
  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ dmake
  $ dmake test
  $ dmake install
  $ exit
  cpan> install Wx
  cpan> install Padre


The next Debian release will have wxPerl in it, albeit with an old version of wxWidgets

See #34


Fedora has wxPerl since at least FC8

See #33





Has Wx version 0.82


OS X 10.4 has wxPerl 0.22, 10.5 has a more recent version (0.6x for some x)

see this thread

wxWidgets and wxPerl

wxPerl on Linux distributions

Downstream Tickets

Open Tickets

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