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Installation using the Package Manager

Because the FreeBSD Perl package comes without threads support no official Padre packages are available. The prefered method is to manually recompile Perl port to support threads and then build Padre and all it's dependencies from Ports (see Download).

However there are highly experimental packages available for FreeBSD 6-STABLE and 7-STABLE. Before reading further be warned that you're using them at your own responsibility! Neither Padre developers nor package contributor can be held responsible for any damage done to your computer.

First, make sure you have deinstalled non-threaded Perl package or that you have threaded Perl already compiled. Please note, that after installing threaded Perl all Perl modules already installed have to be recompiled. All packages depends on Perl 5.8.9 (that's the current Perl version for 6 and 7 branches).

First set PACKAGESITE environment variable to point to for 6-STABLE or for 7-STABLE. Then install packages as usual:

# setenv PACKAGESITE # for C Shell
# export PACKAGESITE= # for Bourne Shell
# pkg_add -r p5-Padre

Feedback is welcome.

Installation from CPAN