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    2121**Xcode:** On OsX most of the common development utilities that are referenced by perl (gcc, make, etc) are provided by installing Xcode. The instruction sets below assume that you have installed these or reasonable substitutes on your system, that they are properly in your path, etc.  
     23**Wx Tests:** There will be a point where you are compiling Wx. The tests for Wx involve generating many window primitives. These tests will fail if they are run inside of a gnu-screen or ssh session. (The error message might be a bit strange: stating issues creating the clipboard because of permissions.) Additionally, during the test cycle many of the tests will grab focus on the UI. This will make your system unusable for a short period of time. Let the tests run. If you try to quit out of them, you will cause the tests to fail and it will halt the compile. 
    2325== Installation with Citrus Perl == 
    3739  ./CitrusPerl/bin/ 
    39 - At this point you can alias commands in your `.bash_profile` to use this perl as your regular perl. 
    40 {{{ 
    41   alias perl=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/perl 
    42   alias perldoc=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/perldoc 
    43   alias cpan=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/cpan 
    44 }}} 
    45 - To install Padre, invoke cpan and run the command "install Padre." It will build dependencies along the way, so it will take some time. 
     41- At this point you can put Citrus Perl in your path. Set it ahead of other entries by putting the line below as the last line in your `.bash_profile`. That will make any command line invocation of `perl` or `cpan` use Citrus Perl and not your system perl. Substitute `/Users/joe/dev` below with your chosen installation directory. 
     43  export PATH=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin:$PATH 
     45- Reload your `.bash_profile` to use the new path 
     47  source ~/.bash_profile 
     49- To install Padre, use `cpan` and run the command `install Padre`. This will build all required dependencies along the way, so it will take some time. 
    4751  cpan 
    4953  > exit 
    51 - You can then alias and execute padre on the command line.   
    52 {{{ 
    53   alias padre=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/site/bin/padre 
     55- Padre should now be in your path and usable on the command line 
     57  padre 
    6266 sudo port -f selfupdate 
     68- Remember to follow the instructions to put Mac Ports first in your path so the Ports version of perl will execute when called on the command line: 
     70  export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH 
    6472- Install Perl and Wx (This will include many dependencies and take some time to compile and complete.) 
    7280  > install Padre 
    74 - You can now run or alias Padre 
    75 {{{ 
    76   /opt/local/bin/padre 
    77 }}} 
     82- Padre should now be in your path and usable on the command line 
     84  padre 
     87== Creating an App Icon for your command-line Padre == 
     89It is possible to create an Application icon to launch your command-line version of Padre. You can create an Applescript application to do this. 
     91Launch the Applescript Editor from the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. 
     93You will enter a line to launch padre which which uses the full path of your preferred perl and padre.  
     95For Mac ports: 
     97  do shell script "/opt/local/bin/perl /opt/local/bin/padre" 
     100For Citrus Perl: (change `/Users/joe/dev/` to your path for Citrus Perl) 
     102  do shell script "/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/i32/5-12/bin/perl /Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/i32/5-12/site/bin/padre " 
     105Select "Save As" under the file menu. Select the format of "Application." Name it what you'd like and install it where you'd like it to be. (IE: the Applications folder) 
     107Clicking on this icon should now launch Padre.