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    11= DMG Betas = 
    3 There is a DMG package that needs your help. We need more OSX testers, and any help you can give us, even saying it runs fine for you, is important. 
     3Padre is available in beta for as a packaged Application for OsX. 
    55See this page for the latest DMG: 
    7 and see the the open tickets: [wiki:osxbugs], and [ hop on to IRC] as the best way to report any issues and give feedback. 
     7This is a beta and we need your help. We need more OSX testers, and any help you can give us, even saying it runs fine for you, is important. 
    9 = Max OS X Installation Instructions = 
    10 Current versions of Padre require a 32bit version of Perl, and wxWidgets 2.8.12. Since these are not the default on OSX, building Padre normally requires creating a self-contained 32bit perl, wxWidgets, and Padre. 
     9Open tickets can be found here: [wiki:osxbugs], and [ hop on to IRC] as the best way to report any issues and give feedback. 
     11= Installation from source = 
     13There are several methods of installing Padre from source. As such, they require some familiarity with command-line usage of OsX. 
     15**System Perl vs User Perl:** Padre requires a 32bit version of Perl and wxWidgets 2.8.12. These are not the default on OsX. Additionally, the default "system" perl on OsX may be altered or changed in the course of software updates from Apple. Consequently, building Padre requires creating a self-contained perl, wxWidgets, and Padre. 
    1217We are attempting to automate the process using the bin/ [ available here]. 
    1419If you want to build on your own you should note the environment settings and build parameters used on [ OSX Lion], or refer to the bin/ source for other OSX levels. 
     21**Xcode:** On OsX most of the common development utilities that are referenced by perl (gcc, make, etc) are provided by installing Xcode. The instruction sets below assume that you have installed these or reasonable substitutes on your system, that they are properly in your path, etc.  
     23== Installation with Citrus Perl == 
     25Cirtus Perl is a portable distribution of perl that has pre-built Wx binaries and integration. A shortened form of installation instructions is below. Refer to the installation instructions on the download page below if you want full details. 
     27- Download Citrus Perl from 
     28- Unpack Citrus Perl into your favorite dev location: 
     30  cd ~/dev 
     31  tar xzvf ~/Downloads/citrusperl-standard-51402-20903-osx-i32-014.tar.gz 
     33- This has created a "CitrusPerl" directory that has a fully isolated install of perl, including Wx. You can also use CPAN to add to this perl without polluting your system's install of perl with additional modules. (Also meaning that an apple update will not break your version of perl if you use this.) 
     34- Configure CirtusPerl to work in its new location 
     36  ./CitrusPerl/bin/relocateperl 
     37  ./CitrusPerl/bin/ 
     39- At this point you can alias commands in your `.bash_profile` to use this perl as your regular perl. 
     41  alias perl=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/perl 
     42  alias perldoc=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/perldoc 
     43  alias cpan=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/bin/cpan 
     45- To install Padre, invoke cpan and run the command "install Padre." It will build dependencies along the way, so it will take some time. 
     47  cpan 
     48  > install Padre 
     49  > exit 
     51- You can then alias and execute padre on the command line.   
     53  alias padre=/Users/joe/dev/CitrusPerl/site/bin/padre 
     56== Installation with Mac Ports == 
     58Mac Ports is a project to provide many GNU and Open Source utilities to OsX. It packages and installs them in `/opt/local`. 
     60- Mac Ports can be downloaded and installed as a package from and configured: 
     62 sudo port -f selfupdate 
     64- Install Perl and Wx (This will include many dependencies and take some time to compile and complete.) 
     66 sudo port install perl5 wxWidgets 
     68- Install Padre via CPAN 
     70  /opt/local/bin/perl -MCPAN -e shell 
     71  install Padre 
    1676= Old Instructions Which May Be Useful = 
    19 = Mac OS X Installation Instructions = 
    2178On OS X, you cannot use the system's 'perl' executable, you have to use the 'wxPerl' executable (see this [ thread regarding wxPerl invocation]). 
    111168[ wxPerl on Linux distributions]