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    1515(TO DO: when the file is not of Perl type we should have other ways to recognize files from internal naming and have paths to search. Surprise, not every language uses @INC.) 
     17 * '''File -> Reload File''' - Reloads the file. This is interesting if you either made changes and want to discard them  
     18and/or if the file has changed on the disk. If there are unsaved changes Padre will ask you if you really want to throw them away. (TO DO: make a backup of the file before discarding it) 
    18  * '''File -> Save'''  or Ctrl-S will save the current file. If the file does not have a name yet, Padre will open a  
     20 * '''File -> Save'''  or '''Ctrl-S''' will save the current file. If the file does not have a name yet, Padre will open a  
    1921directory browser to let you pick the name of the file. If you are currently working on a project then  
    2022in certain cases Padre will try to determine the name of the file by itself. See ProjectManagement for more details. 
    3234 * '''File -> Close -> Close All but Current''' - closes all opened files except for the currently being edited. 
     36 * '''Files -> Recent Files''' - a list of recently opened files to open them easily. (TO DO: update the list when we open a file, not only when opening padre) (TO DO: allow the user to configure size of history) 
    3438 * '''File -> Document Statistics''' - just random statistics about the current document. If you miss anything important let us know! 
    3640 * '''File -> Quit''' - Exits Padre 
     42==  Simple editing == 
     44The simple editing features (should) provide the expected behavior for Windows users. 
     46 * '''Edit -> Undo''' or '''Ctrl+Z''' 
     48 * '''Edit -> Redo''' 
     50 * '''Edit -> Select -> Select All''' or '''Ctrl+A''', select all the characters in the current document 
     52 * '''Edit -> Cut''' or '''Ctrl+X''' 
     53 * '''Edit -> Copy''' or ''Ctrl+C''' 
     54 * '''Edit -> Paste''' or '''Ctrl+V''' 
     56(TO DO What is '''Ctrl+D''' ?, duplicate the current line?) 
     58 * '''Edit -> Convert Line Endings -> ''' - Convert line endings to Windows, Unix or Mac Classic style. 
    3860== Tickets ==