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Basic Editor Features

  • File -> New or Ctrl-N to start e a new file. A file name is not needed at this point and Padre will treat the file as a Perl 5 file by default.
  • File -> Open or Ctrl+O to navigate the file system and open an existing files. Padre will use the file extension to recognize the file type. It will also apply certain heuristics to determine if a file without an extension
  • File -> Save or Ctrl-S will save the current file. If the file does not have a name yet, Padre will open a

directory browser to let you pick the name of the file. If you are currently working on a project then in certain cases Padre will try to determine the name of the file by itself. See ProjectManagement for more details.

  • File -> Save As... or F12 will open a directory browser and let you find a new locations and give a new name

to save the file. If the file was changed already in the editor the changes will only be saved to the new file and the old file will remain as it was before. After saving the file with a new name any subsequent saves will go to this new file.

  • File -> Save All or Alt-F12 will save all the files currently open. If there are one or more tabs open with content but without a filename, Padre will prompt for a name for each one of the files.