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Padre currently provides context sensitive help for Perl 5 and via the Perl6 plugin to Perl 6. The feature is extendable so it could be added to any type of file. It could be even added to things such as JQuery.

In order to activate the feature select some Perl 5 construct in a file that was recognized as Perl 5 and press F2. (Help -> Context Help)

See example in this blog

Or this screencast on youtube :


Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#1463 context help could be a tiny bit more brilliant SvenDowideit
#1006 fixed F2 help does not know about 'given' szabgab
#985 not relevant "Help" (C-H) or "Search Help" (F1) problem sebH
#941 invalid Help is improperly formatted/displayed run4flat
#872 not relevant F2 context search freezes Padre when opening it for the first time azawawi azawawi
#798 fixed F1 & F2 help behaviour stemd
#766 Suggest better solutions for code szabgab
#722 Allow turning off the individual call-tips one-by one szabgab
#721 fixed Allow turning off the individual "beginner mode" checks one-by one szabgab
#690 F2 on push - no example azawawi szabgab
#689 F2 help on foreach is missing azawawi szabgab
#684 Need explanation about this code. szabgab
#651 wontfix remove or factor out the @index listing from Padre::HelpProvider::Perl szabgab
#648 beginner error: do not use $a and $b outside of sort szabgab
#616 Recognize and explain when user mixes $x, %x and @x szabgab
#610 Create and distribute Win32 sample scripts szabgab
#608 fixed "beginner mode" error Sewi meironC
#592 fixed Beginner mode: catch print chomp szabgab
#590 fixed Beginner mode: catch else if szabgab
#581 fixed F2 shows incorrect help topic for comparisons azawawi adamk
#577 F2 should be able to explain what is a scalar variable azawawi szabgab
#576 fixed common (beginner) error check has no feedback if no errors found azawawi rhebus
#563 Add Sample perl scripts + tutorial that comes with Padre szabgab szabgab
#551 Separate on/off for Call Tips for different mime-types szabgab
#550 not relevant Factor out the Perl 5 call tips szabgab
#548 provide help on $_[0] (in Perl 5) azawawi szabgab
#547 fixed context sensitive help for perl 5 - "what is $. ?" No help found azawawi szabgab
#545 not a bug upgrading using Vista azawawi meironC
#528 fixed Recognize some bad practices and warn about them - package DB; szabgab
#526 Explain idomatic perl what is !! (in Perl 5) azawawi szabgab
#523 fixed Unclear Perl errror szabgab
#491 fixed context help of Perl 5 (F2) duplicate entries, missing entries azawawi szabgab
#96 fixed Context sensitive help szabgab



  • improve speed
  • factor out the feature to Code::Explain to be usable by other editors and tools