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     1= Preference System = 
     3There are several types of preferences we can think of. 
     4There are the current view printed preferences such as B<Show newlines> 
     5or '''Show Line numbers''' and there are the project and file 
     6oriented preferences such as the use of tabulators or white space 
     7for indentation. 
     9Currently some of the preferences are accessible via the 
     10'''Edit => Preferences''' menu options, others via the '''View''' 
     11menu option. 
     13We have to make sure that when changing the preferences via 
     14the GUI it change for the correct things. 
     16E.g. when changing the '''Use Tabulators''' preference it currently 
     17applies to all the files open currently or in the future. 
     18It should probably apply to the current file and/or the 
     19current project. Such options - when changing them - might even 
     20be applied ''retroactively''. That is when I change the tabulator/space 
     21mode of a file or a project it should ask if I want to reflow the 
     22file with the new method of indentation? 
     24On the other hand the ''Tabulator display size'' is purely a local, editor 
     25oriented preference. It should probably apply to all files currently 
     28There are other aspects of preferences as well that might not exactly 
     29overlap with the above set: 
     31The developer might work on the same project on different machines. 
     32In such case some of the personal preferences should apply only 
     33only on one computer while others apply in both places. 
     35In particular if Padre is installed in a Portable Perl it might 
     36run on machines with different parameters. Screen size and resolution 
     37might be different along other parameters. We would like to make sure 
     38the relevant preferences are separated from those that are constant 
     39even when moving between computers. 
     41== Editor or view oriented preferences == 
     44* Size and location of windows 
     45* Files recently opened 
     46* Files that were open last time, cursor location 
     47* Highlight indentation guide (TO DO) 
     49This should be a separate option available only 
     50if the '''Show indentation guide''' and brace matching is on. 
     52If '''SetHighlightGuide''' is set to 8 then when the user reaches one 
     53side of a pair of braces the indentation guide - if there is one 
     54on column 8 - will be highlighted. (in green). 
     56As I understand Padre should constantly adjust the '''SetHighlightGuide''' 
     57so that in every block the "correct" indentation guide is highlighted. 
     59* Tabulator display size 
     60* Allow experimental features 
     62In order to allow the experimental features one needs to manually turn on the 
     63experimental flag to 1 in '''config.yml'''. As Padre keeps overwriting this file you'll 
     64have to make this change with another editor and while Padre is B<not> open. 
     66The '''config.yml''' file is in '''~/.padre/''' on Linux/Unix and in general in 
     67your home directory on Windows. In any case the '''Help/About''' box will show 
     68you the path of the '''.padre''' directory of Padre. 
     70Once you set the experimental flag when you start Padre you will see a new 
     71menu on the right side of the menu bar called '''Experimental'''. 
     73* Open file policy 
     75What files to open when launching Padre? 
     76nothing, new, those that were open last time? 
     78* Max/Min number of modules to display in POD viewer 
     81== File and Project oriented preferences == 
     83* Indentation should be by tabulators or spaces 
     84* In case of using spaces for indentation, the width  of every indentation level 
    187== Tickets ==