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    44As a first step in the direction of supporting CPAN-style Perl projects we integrated into Padre the use of Module::Starter, The intent is to make it as easy as possible for CPAN authors (and especially for first-time CPAN authors) to have installers that follow all the best practices for distribution installation, but involve as much DWIM (Do What I Mean) as possible when writing them. \\ 
    55The "bones" of every new module are basically the same: even if it's not your intention to distribute, you should still Build, new module frameworks automatically. PBP 
     7 * '''File -> New -> Perl Distribution''' will bring up a dialog box where you can select some of the parameters your new project has such 
     8as Name of the Project (e.g. My::Widgets), Author - that is probably your name, e-mail (your e-mail). 
     10Builder is the tool that you project is going to use to package itself and then your user will use to install the project. 
     11Currently '''Module::Build''' and '''ExtUtils::MakeMaker''' are supported. (TO DO add Module::Install as well). 
     13License is one of the keywords currently listed in the '''META.yml''' spec of Module::Build. (TO DO: update the list or make it dynamic) 
     15Once you click '''OK''', Module::Starter will create a new directory called My-Widgets in the parent directory you selected in the last field. 
    718* The original, oldest module for installing modules is ExtUtils::{{{MakeMaker}}}.