• Lexically Rename Variable
  • Extract Subroutine
  • Introduce Temporary Variable
  • rename subroutine


Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#1349 renaming variable names inside regular expressions does not work zenogantner
#1201 Refactoring tool for Perl::Critic rules szabgab
#1200 Refactoring tool: replace indirect calls by direct calls azawawi szabgab
#1134 refactoring: reference/dereference zenogantner
#1024 "Change variable style" does not always work properly zenogantner
#1020 fixed Rename variable does not work on dereferenced array slices szabgab
#1019 fixed Rename variable does not give indication it is working adamk szabgab
#998 refactoring: replace double quotes by single quotes where appropriate zenogantner
#996 refactoring: renaming of hash keys zenogantner
#992 refactoring: list conversions azawawi zenogantner
#991 rename project-wide variable/function name zenogantner
#955 Feature request: "Rename label" zenogantner
#937 Variable renaming: No declaration found if variable is declared in parentheses zenogantner
#901 (wishlist) variable renaming: highlighting, inline-editing zenogantner
#890 "Introduce Temporary Variable" need to be fixed jagd
#816 Lexical variable renaming doesn't support <<"HEREDOCS" adamk
#645 Lexically rename variable changes the screen position dramatically (and shouldn't have to) adamk
#565 not relevant Lexically replace variable does not work on outer variable azawawi szabgab
#537 extract subroutine should put the new subroutine in a better place rhebus
#535 Preview window for extract subroutine szabgab
#531 fixed extract subroutine rhebus rhebus
#525 Feature request: "Rename subroutine" rhebus
#502 code analyzis: find code not in subs, rearrange code azawawi szabgab
#494 Rename variable options and preview window szabgab
#386 Ideas for more refactoring tools tsee
#279 Refactoring support: automatic global-to-lexical conversion tsee
#8 Tool for refactoring code szabgab


  1. Open padre.
  2. Write a script or open perl module.
  3. Press double click on a variable that you would like to rename.
  4. Go to "Refactoring -> Rename Variable" it should pop up a window.
  5. Now you can rename you're variable name and you can change he's type (#Remember, you're only changing he's type not he's value!), after you wrote the new name you can now press ok.
Who SVN revision Padre version system status
fenderson r13977 v0.84 Ubuntu 10.10 success


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