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Regex Editor for building and debugging regular expressions

Padre provides an easy way to build and analyze regular expressions compatible with Perl 5.

Test Case

The regex editor currently provides a single way to build both regexes and substitutes.

  1. Open the Regex editor via Tools/Regex? Editor
  2. At the top you see 5 check-boxes for the modifiers of the regex
  3. The first window called Regular Expression is where you can type in the regex. By default you will see \w+ in there
  4. The Replace with text contains Baz
  5. Original text contains Foo Bar
  6. Matched text Foo Bar with Foo being red and underline
  7. Result from replace contains Baz Bar

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For ideas install kregexpeditor or regexxer on Linux or try Regex Coach: on Windows See also

regex editor in 0.84


  • Support various versions of the perl 5 regexes (5.8, 5.10, 5.12 etc)
    • There should be an option (a selector on this window) to decide which regex dialect to support
    • (That is, there are certain new features in the regex engine and information about then under the buttons should be displayed along witht the minimum version required)
  • Support Perl 6 style regexes
  • Probably the regex and substitute part should be separated. At the top should be
    • Regular Expression
    • Original text
    • Matched text
    • checkbox to enable/disable substitution
    • Replace with text window
    • Result from replace window

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