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    1 == Description == 
     1= Search, Find and Replace = 
     3(the following text was taken from It needs rewriting. 
     5== Search == 
     7'''Ctrl+F''' opens the search window, if something was selected then that is given as the search text. Otherwise the last search string should be displayed. 
     9Provide option to search backwards 
     11Limit action to current block, current subroutine, current file (should be the default) current project, current directory with some file filters. 
     13When the user presses Find 
     15* We find the first hit and the search window disappears. '''F3''' jumps to next one. 
     17* The first match is highlighted and focused but the window stays When the user clicks on the Find button again, we jump to the next hit  
     18In this case the user must be able to edit the document while the search window is on. 
     20* All the matches are highlighted and we go to the first match, window disappears. '''F3''' jumps to next one 
     22* All the matches are highlighted and we go to the first one, window stays open user can edit text 
     25== Find and Replace == 
     27* Find - find the next occurrence 
     28* Replace all - do just that 
     29* Replace - if currently a match is selected then replace it find the next occurrence and select it 
     31== TO DO describe what to do if we have to deal with files that are not in the editor == 
     33if "Replace all" was pressed then do just that 
     34   1) without opening editors for the files. 
     35   2) opening an editor for each file and keep it in unsaved state (sounds crazy having 1000 editors open...) 
     36if Search or Replace is clicked then we might show the next location in the lower pane. 
     37If the user then presses Replace we open the file in an editor window and go on. 
     38If the user presses Search then we show the next occurrence. 
     39Opened and edited files will be left in a not saved state. 
    342== Tickets ==