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Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#1371 fixed [0.92 osx] checkmarks for case sensitivity, etc. cannot be toggled in Replace window tome tome
#1325 Backreference substitution not working in Replace dialog FrDarryl
#1296 fixed FindFast: Ctrl+V doesn't paste into search box Sewi
#1218 fixed Ctrl-F now killing X-Windows szabgab
#1216 fixed Ctrl-F crashes Padre szabgab
#1174 wontfix Skip documentation and/or skip comments when searching szabgab
#1110 fixed Find dialog should not be a modal window zenogantner
#1043 odd behavior of regex Find zenogantner
#703 fixed Focus does not return to search dialog after error messages adamk
#641 Escape doesn't search or search/replace dialog when focused on editor adamk
#640 fixed Find and Find/Replace dialogs change focus to the editor panel after "No Matches Found" adamk
#412 fixed find/replace dialog should autocomplete daxim
#336 fixed listing all regexes in replace dialog jquelin
#318 The search should highlight all the hits with yellow marker szabgab
#280 ignore ignore case when there are upper case letters szabgab
#246 fixed limit find and replace (and maybe also search) garu szabgab
#71 search within a function szabgab


  1. Open lib/Padre/Wx/ from the Padre source code
  2. Hit Ctrl+F for "Find"
  3. Enter the search term "sprintf"
  4. Click on "Find Next" several times
  5. Make sure that each result is nicely visible in the center of the editor window
  6. Activate "Search Backwards" to change the search direction
  7. Click on "Find Next" several times
  8. Activate "Case Sensitive"
  9. Modify the search term to "Sprintf"
  10. Click on "Find Next": you should not get a hit now
  11. Deactivate "Case Sensitive"
  12. Click on "Find Next": you should get a hit again
  13. Modify the search term to "Wx..gettext"
  14. Activate "Regular Expression"
  15. Click on "Find Next": you should get a hit
  16. Activate "Close Window on Hit"
  17. Click on "Find Next": you should get a hit, and the window should close
  18. Select "Search"->"Find" from the menu: The same search term as before should be in the dialog
  19. Click on "Find All" (remark: currently does not work)
  20. Close the Window
  21. Hit F3: you should get a hit
  22. Hit F3 another time
  23. Hit Shift-F3: you should be back to the former hit