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Padre recognizes the fact that people work on sets of files not necessarily belong to the same "project". Occasionally they might want to switch to another set of files. In Padre we call this Session Management.

When editing in Padre you can Save the set of currently opened files as a "Session" by pressing File -> Save Session... (or Ctrl-Alt-S) This will open a window listing the already saved sessions. (There is a default session called padre-last). At this point you can either select the name of an existing session or you you can type in the name of a new session. You can also add a description for your convenience. Pressing Save will save the list of the currently open files. If you know close all the files you could return to the current situation by using Open Session via File -> Open Session... (Ctrl-Alt-O) and selecting the name of the desired session.

If you saved a session and open a few more files they will be added to the session only if you save the session again using the Save Session menu option.

TODO: Describe autosave of session.

See also: #633


  1. save the session
  2. close all tabs
  3. load the session that you saved before


For further description see ​ and expand this test-case

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