In some operating system (especially Windows) allows people to browse the file-system right-click on a file and either 'open with application' or 'open with running instance of Application'. The latter will open the file in a an already running instance of Padre.

The same will happen if you launch padre again when it is already running.


Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#1138 fixed Padre single instance server not working zenogantner
#313 single_instance_start: please bind on UNIX domain socket on systems that support them ryan52 dam
#117 fixed Single Padre running, open file in already running Padre adamk szabgab


  1. Start Padre
  2. In Tools -> Preferences -> Behaviour: Enable Open Files in existing Padre
  3. Restart Padre
  4. Open a file via Ctrl+O
  5. In the command line of your operating system (Cmd in Windows) type padre SOME_FILE
  6. Observe the file opened in the same instance of Padre as you had earlier
  7. Now disable Open Files in existing Padre
  8. Restart Padre
  9. In the command line of the OS type again padre SOME_FILE
  10. Observe that it start a new instance of Padre with the selected file open in it.
Who SVN revision Padre version system status
szabgab r14125 v0.85 Ubuntu 10.10 success


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