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Syntax checking

Depending on a corresponding support in the respective Padre::Document::Language class, Padre supports real time syntax checking capabilities.

Syntax errors or warnings are displayed in a side bar (usually at the bottom of the Padre window). By double-clicking a list entry you can navigate to the position in the file.

Additionally, there is a symbol column on the left side of the editor where colored symbols mark the code lines with problems.


Syntax checking for Perl5 documents comes bundled with Padre. It is implemented using perl -c. This means that parts of the code actually get executed (e.g. BEGIN blocks). Malicious software might used this fact to damage your system

   system('rm -rf ~')

or suck up your resources

   while(1) { } 

Syntax checking is currently disabled by default and has to be enabled manually after every start of Padre. This somewhat increases security when doing padre However, it does not protect you when you open a file from within Padre while syntax checking is turned on. The most secure solution would require a really fast non-executing syntax checker which unfortunately is currently not available.


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