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more features listed

Padre will have lots of features and it will be compared to other Editors and IDEs used for Perl development. Here we will list all the interesting features of Padre and we can also maintain comparison tables used in some other places and make sure Padre will support them.


List of existing a planned features with links to relevant tickets and some explanation how to use them or links to such explanations

TODO: Padre has a lot more feature that should me mentioned here and explained

Customizable syntax highlighting (coloring) of many languages


Syntax checking for Perl 5 and Perl 6


Refactoring tools for Perl 5 and Perl 6

#8 #525 #531

Context sensitive Language-specific help

Multi-platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Special features for beginners

Extra features for advanced programmers

Free and Open Source under the "Perl license"

TODO: link to license

Written in Perl 5

Most of the code if Padre is written in Perl. There are parts that rely on libraries written in C or C++ but they are all wrapped in CPAN packages and have an API in Perl 5

Extendable in Perl 5

TODO: Describe and link to the plugin system

Extendable in Perl 6

There is a very experimental way to extend Padre using Perl 6 via the very limited Inline::Rakudo module. See Padre::Plugin::PSI for a simple example. (Last checked in March 2009)

Extendable in Python/PHP/Ruby/etc

By embedding the Parrot virtual machine into Padre we can allow extending Padre by any language implemented on top of Parrot. This is a Planned feature. The Padre::Plugin::Parrot has the code to embed Parrot and it has an example on coding in PIR.

Version control integration

See Padre::Plugin::Git, Padre::Plugin::SVN, Padre::Plugin::SVK


Tree view of source files and resources

See the View/Show? Outline

Support for creating and running unit tests

#10 #65

Automatic reformatting of code

See the Padre::Plugin::PerlTidy?

Handling of multiple languages

Handle files where there are more programming language in the same file. Eg. PHP files are ususally HTML + PHP

Perl code can have embedded HTML or CSS or Javascript or SQL just to name a few

Automated build and test

Code-assist editor

What does this cover?

Run your code under a debugger with real-time display of results

There is a partial solution in Padre::Plugin::Debugger

Features list from Perlmonks

Some Screenshots

Listed on Perl Development Tools

TODO: add links to the relevant tickets

Feature Status or link to ticket Comment
Perl Exclusive Why is yes considered good here?
Free yes Under the "perl" license.
Perl Engine Any Padre itself runs on 5.8 or higher but your code can run on any version of perl
Syntax Checking see #23
Syntax colouring see #6 #101
Auto indent #16 + add more specific
Incremental search #60
Bracket matching yes #236 added auto bracket completition
Folding #61
Var tree #62 The tool shows the set of var you use along the code
Code browser #63 The tool shows the layout (class, methods, functions, etc.)
Debugger #11
Stepping #11
Breakpoints #11
Watches #11
Var evaluation #11 At debugger phase you can see the value of var
Stack module #11 View the stack of modules called
Bookmarks yes
Suggest & complete see #67 but add more
Identify errors #111 #52
Interactive shell #110
Code snippets #97 You can store and retrieve set of lines of code
Project #10
Control version #82 (is that version control integration?)
Multi document yes
Split view #64
IME Multilingual Input Method Editor
Docs & Help viewer #56 #57 #58 #59
Module installer #70 Integration with CPANPLUS wx interface?
WEB #31 #32 It has a web server integrated for cgi test
FTP #12 Read and write over ftp protocol (modify the program at remote server)
HTML export #112 To export the source of program with the syntax colouring.
Linux yes
BSD yes Tested on FreeBSD (see: Download)
Mac OS X sort of
Windows yes

Feature list from Perl Needs Better Tools

Perl Needs Better Tools by Matisse Enzer

Feature Status or link to ticket Comment
Syntax-coloring yes, #6
Real-Time Syntax-checking #23
Version control integration #82
Code-assist editor
Excellent refactoring support #8 #525 #531
Tree view of source files and resources
Support for creating and running unit tests #10 #65
Language-specific help
Run your code under a debugger with real-time display of results
Automatic reformatting of code.
handling of multiple languages
Automated build and test

Feature list from Enlightened Perl

Work together with the folks at Enlightened Perl to see how Padre can provide a GUI for their efforts. Look at Kensho, a list of recommended module and see how Padre can provide a GUI (via a plugin or in core Padre) for them.