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Padre will have lots of features and it will be compared to other Editors and IDEs used for Perl development. Here we can list the features being compared on some places and make sure Padre will support them.

Listed on Perl Development Tools

TODO: add links to the relevant tickets

Feature Status or link to ticket Comment
Perl Exclusive Why is yes considered good here?
Free yes
Perl Engine Any
Syntax Checking see #23
Syntax colouring Perl yes but see #6
Auto indent #16 + add more specific
Incremental search
Bracket matching y
Var tree The tool show the set of var you use along the code
Code browser The tool show the layout (class, methods, functions, etc.)
Debugger #11
Stepping #11
Breakpoints #11
Watches #11
Var evaluation #11 At debugger phase you can see the value of var
Stack module #11 View the stack of modules called
Suggest & complete see #29 but add more
Identify errors
Interactive shell
Code snippets You can store and retrieve set of lines of code
Project #10
Control version
Multi document
Split view
IME Multilingual Input Method Editor
Docs & Help viewer
Module installer Integration with CPANPLUS wx interface?
WEB #31 #32 It have a web server integrated for cgi test
FTP #12 Read and write over ftp protocol (modify the program at remote server)
HTML export To export the source of program with the syntax colouring.
Linux y
Mac OS X