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    124124= How to run Padre from a GNOME launcher = 
    126 Using padre in a GNOME launcher doesn't work in case the Perl modules needed by Padre are installed in a user specific directory, for example by using local::lib. 
     126When you run Padre from your terminal, your shell environment influence what path the "padre" command is resolved to ($SHELL), what @INC path Perl uses ($PERL5LIB), etc.. 
     128This is particularly important if you have Padre installed in a user specific directory, such as under ~/perl5/bin/padre if you are using local::lib. 
     130When you run Padre from a GNOME launcher, shell environment variables that come from scripts such as ~/.bashrc are not loaded, and hence a naive launcher using "padre" as the command will result in an error because the command will not resolve to the correct location. 
    127132A simple workaround is to create a bash script which uses local::lib (or sets the PERL5LIB environment variable by some other means) and then calls padre: 
    137 TODO: improve the details here 
     142If you are using a fancy dock system such as Docky, you may experience the annoying behaviour that when you click on your Padre shortcut, a second icon appears (with a low-res Padre icon) representing the running Padre process, rather than the Padre shortcut recognising that the new process belongs to it and displaying a marker to indicate that the shortcut is running. You can solve this by running the following steps: 
     144* Remove any existing shortcuts/launchers you have previously created for Padre 
     145* Create a launcher bash script as described above, and save it somewhere in your $PATH, such as /usr/local/bin/padre 
     146* Execute /usr/local/bin/padre from your terminal. Padre will launch with a low-res icon. Close Padre 
     147* Add a new GNOME Menu item using the following settings: 
     148** Name: Padre 
     149** Command: /usr/local/bin/padre 
     150** Icon: /home/patspam/perl5/lib/perl5/auto/share/dist/Padre/icons/padre/64x64/logo.png 
     151* Execute /usr/local/bin/padre from your terminal. Padre will launch with a high-res icon. Right-click on the icon and choose "Pin to Dock" 
     152* Henceforth, you can run Padre without the annoying Dock behaviour by clicking on the persistent Padre icon in your Dock or alternatively by using your  GNOME launcher 
    139154= How to create a dialog using wxWidgets =