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This page should describe (or link to) various process that developers of Padre might want to do. Move stuff from Development to this page or link to that page

Open a Ticket file a bug or a feature request

In order to open a ticket first you need to register on the Trac of Padre. Unfortunately due to excessive spam and our lack of capability to setup SPAM filter we had to disable the registration form and we have to manually enable for every new person. Don't worry though as it is easy to do so. You just have to join us on IRC ( ) (TODO describe IRC more) and ask us to open the registration form for you.

Once registered there is a link to Create Ticket

Setup Development Environment

We recommend first installing a released version of Padre as described on and on Download. Once that's working on your system it will be easier to switch to development mode.

In order to develop padre you will need to have a Subversion client.

The URL of our SVN repository is at

It is required to setup a few more utilities to get the developer's environment ready. Specifically you need to install Module::Install from CPAN. See instructions below:

To run Padre from the workspace checked out from SVN type "perl"


For Windows we recommend the Tortoise SVN client you can download from

To install Module::Install open a command prompt and navigate to the folder of the source code (e.g. d:\padre\padre) and type in the following command "cpan Module::Install" (notice: this is case sensitive)

Now you are ready to compile the code you are using. in the same root of your source code tpye "perl Makefile.PL" and press enter Once this finished type "dmake" and press enter


$ cpan Module::Install

TODO: improve the details here

Create a Patch

For now see the Development page

Translate Padre

We have a separate page for people who would like to get involved in the translation of Padre. See TranslationIntro

Improve the Web site of Padre

The web site of Padre is partially built using Template Toolkit and partially relies on Trac. Everything in the is under trac or generade from the SVN repository by trac.

The source of the rest of the web site can be found in SVN in

In order to make changes to the website you will have to

  • Check out the source from SVN
  • Install the necessary perl modules (try running perl Build.PL in the checked out directory
  • Make changes
  • Build the web site on your machine so you can see if your changes were good
  • Send a patch or commit to svn if you got a commit bit

Release, packaging and Distribution

See Release and Distribution