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    23== Padre the Next Generation IDE == 
     52== Usability propositions (Highest priority first) == 
     54* '''Follow common guidelines.''' Read and memorize your favorite platform's user interface guidelines, and follow them as closely as possible in your application. Worst case scenario, they'll prevent "spurious" bug reports from "annoying" users. Best case scenario, your app will actually benefit of tried and true ideas, embodied in your platform's UI, and embedded in your users' brains. And you'll learn a new thing or two about usability. 
     55* '''Autoconfig.''' Make your application deduce configuration, instead of relying on the user to provide that information for you. Go the extra mile and write the "detection" code to enable this. 
     56* '''Simplify.''' Dump unnecessary configuration options. 
     57* '''Copy ideas.''' Steal ideas used in other popular — and similar — applications. Pay attention to the details. Often, the small details embedded in a user interface teature (very consisten behavior, pixel-perfect accuracy) win unsung praise from their users, and keep them loyal. 
     58* '''Refactor.''' Run a quick survey on your user inteface among your closest friends, and ask them if they understand, and if they don't, what don't they understand. Then propose new UI layouts. 
     59* '''Divide and conquer.''' If your application does too much in a single user interface, split your UI in more manageable parts. Whether you do two apps that meet via named pipes or databases on disk, or you do a single app with two windows, it's up to you. Just be consistent and stick to your strategy. 
     60* '''Make your app work using "contexts" or "activity centers"'''. That way, you can show and keep tightly related options, functionality and UI controls together. 
    5162== Conclusion == 
    5263How about we fix Padre to be '''minimal''' and move some of the functionality or unused features outside of Padre core. We should start working on well-thought-out '''plugin API''' that truly allows plugins to '''modify''' Padre behavior in '''every way possible'''.