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A modern Perl TDD-based build system for Padre


  • Release version 0.01
  • Figure out what is the current project using or better allow the user to select one
  • The menu should contain:
    • Customize Build sequence:
      • Configure (checkbox)
      • Build (checkbox)
      • Test (checkbox)
      • Bi (checkbox)
      • Build dist (checkbox)
      • Build release (checkbox)
    • Build
    • Execute standalone build step
  • For Module::Build, Build.PL should be present:
    perl Build.PL
    ./Build test
    ./Build install # if required
  • For Module::Install, Makefile.PL should be present:
    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    rm MANIFEST && make manifest && make dist
    make install # if required
  • For Dist::Zilla}}, {{{dist.ini should be present:
    dzil build
    dzil test
    dzil install
    dzil release