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This is used to document the finding about the Padre::Plugin::Snippets plugin and the TextMate/snipMate integration that I have been planning with bowtie (Kevin) and implementing at the moment in Padre::Plugin::Moose. We will eventually migrate this feature into this plugin once it is mature.


  • Snippet mode can be entered through <trigger><TAB>
  • <trigger> should be matched on a word boundary that ends with the current position
  • Shift-TAB traverses all variables (circular is a useful snipMate feature). Does not break snippet mode.
  • Movement keys and deletion: Up/down/right/left/page up/page down/home/end/delete automatically exit snippet mode
  • Cancel current selection when exiting snippet mode


  • Snippet mode OFF:
    • $line = the current line text preceding the cursor
    • Find $trigger for $line and the current active snippet bundle or exit
    • Find the snippet associated with trigger or exit
    • Find all variables in snippet of the form:
      ${index:default_value},${index} or $index
      e.g. $1, ${1:...}, ${1}
    • $cursor = the first variable that has the index of 1
    • Insert snippet
    • Select $cursor in snippet and position the cursor at the end of it.

  • Snippet mode ON:



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