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To Enable Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck in Padre, go to Tools->Plug-in Manager, select Spell Checker in left area, then click preferences to open dialog and save your chosen dictionary and language.

Tip plug-in has to be disabled to set preferences, see top right hand corner of plug-in Manager for status.

Please note version compatibility, it's important, you can check what version is installed for SpellCheck use Plug-in Manager for Padre look in Help -> About -> Information

Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck vTBA

Padre 0.97+

Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck v1.29

Padre 0.96

NB Bold shows current release of Padre ( Green Current )

Padre Plug-in Manager

Padre Plug-in Manager

Usage F7

  • works against whole file or selected text.
  • you can click on a suggested word to replace.

sample view of checker


You need to install either or both of the following, plus a language file.



$ sudo apt-get install aspell libaspell-dev aspell-en

check aspell is installed

$ aspell dump dicts

install current version.

$ cpanm -v



$ sudo apt-get install hunspell libhunspell-dev hunspell-en-GB

check hunspell is installed

$ hunspell -D

install current version.

$ cpanm -v


  • Hunspell assumes static location
    $speller = Text::Hunspell->new(
        "/usr/share/hunspell/$iso.aff", # Hunspell affix file
        "/usr/share/hunspell/$iso.dic"  # Hunspell dictionary file


  • Release version 1.25 after Padre 0.96 is out
  • #383 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck Add to dictionary
  • #384 Padre::Plugin::SpellCheck allow replacing a word by typing in a new word



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