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Tasks that Admins of the Padre Trac installation might need to do

  • In the Release page there is description on how to add a new version number
  • Adding a new user
    • Go to Admin/Users?, in the "Add Account:" form add the requested username, name and e-mail and a random password, then press "Add"
    • Go to and type in the new username and e-mail so it will send a new random password to the user
    • For this you will need to be logged out so either use a different browser or just tell the new user to do it alone
  • Alternatively: opening and closing the registration form
    • turn on: Go to Admin/Plugins? open the TracAccountManager? 0.2.1dev-r5837 and make sure the checkbox of "RegistrationModule?" is ticked, press "Apply Changes"
    • turn off: the same just the checkbox should be off
    • Please don't leave the registration form live for too long as we seem to attract spammer