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Tasks that Admins of the Padre Trac installation might need to do

  • In the Release page there is description on how to add a new version number
  • Adding a new user
    • Go to Admin/Users?, in the "Add Account:" form add the requested username, name and e-mail and a random password, then press "Add"
    • Go to and type in the new username and e-mail so it will send a new random password to the user
    • For this you will need to be logged out so either use a different browser or just tell the new user to do it alone
  • Alternatively: opening and closing the registration form
    • turn on: Go to Admin/Plugins? open the TracAccountManager? 0.2.1dev-r5837 and make sure the checkbox of "RegistrationModule?" is ticked, press "Apply Changes"
    • turn off: the same just the checkbox should be off
    • Please don't leave the registration form live for too long as we seem to attract spammer. Alternatively, please take some time evaluating potential answers to this problem that would actually work on trac (szabgab tested a couple but we never got any of them to behave properly).