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Padre on Portable Strawberry Perl

Downloading and Installing

Download the latest

unzip it to a path that does not contain spaces (e.g. c:\portable ) and run perl\bin\portablepadre.bat if you unzipped it to c:\portable then run


You should have a working Padre with a fully installed perl.

Better if you don't have any other perl in your PATH.

You can then also open a command shell (Start/Run?/cmd) and type in

C:\portable\perl\bin\perl.exe -v

to check the version number of your Perl.

If you want to run scripts from the command line you can do that by typing

C:\portable\perl\bin\perl.exe path\to\your\

Notes to the developers on how to build the Padre on Portable Strawberry package.

This Download Includes

  • Strawberry Perl
  • Padre
  • Parrot (Was based on revision 35083 of the Parrot repository)
  • Rakudo
  • French translation of Perl 5 diagnostics messages

the following plugins: