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Downloading and Installing

Download it from unzip it and run


You should have a working Padre with a fully installed perl.

Better if you don't have any other perl in your PATH.

Building it

How to include Padre into Portable Strawberry and how to release it

  • Install Padre using
    cpan> install Padre
  • remove the cpan_sqlite_log.... files from c:\portable\cpan
  • remove C:\portable\cpan\build and C:\portable\cpan\sources
  • ( the whole portable directory is now 177 Mb )

portablepadre.bat contains the following magic:

%~dp0perl.exe %~dp0padre
  • create a zip file and drag all the content of c:\portable\ in it
    • (TODO isn't there a command line tool in portable to create the zip file ?)
  • The resulting zip file for Padre 0.19 on Portable Strawberry beta 1 was 52 Mb