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What to report

  • for each single item OK or * crashes * inconsistent behaviour * actions that do not work as expected
  • for each section How much time did it take you to perform the tests?


  1. fresh Padre installation

Perl 5 scripts

  1. open a Perl script
  2. run it by hitting F5
  3. activate syntax checks
  4. introduce a syntax error and inspect resulting output
  5. click on the syntax error to jump to the position of the error

Perl 5 modules

  1. open a large Perl module (e.g. from the Padre source)
  2. activate the function list
  3. double-click on a function name to jump to its location in the file
  4. activate the outline view
  5. double-click on a method name to jump to its location in the file

Perl projects

  1. open the project browser
  2. browse the directories of the project
  3. open a file from the project
  4. save it under another name
  5. delete the newly created file

Text files

  1. "File" -> "New"
  2. save it as file.txt
  3. save it as file
  4. use "Edit" -> "Go To ..." to jump to a given line
  5. use "Edit" -> "Go To ..." to jump to a given character position

Perl distributions and templates and running

  1. create a new Perl 5 distribution: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl Distribution ..."
  2. create a "hello, world" style Perl 5 module: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Module"
  3. create a test for the module: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Test"
  4. use "File" -> "Save Intuition" to save the module
  5. run the test: "Run" -> "Run Tests"
  6. run the test: "Run" -> "Run and Build Tests"
  7. create a new Perl 5 script that uses the module: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Script"
  8. run it: "Run" -> "Run Script"
  9. run it: "Run" -> "Run Script (Debug Info)"
  10. add an infinite loop the the script
  11. run the script and abort it using F6


  1. cycle through the files using the keyboard: Ctrl-PageUp? and Ctrl-PageDown?
  2. save the session
  3. close one tab
  4. go to "File" -> "Recent Files" and re-open the file
  5. close all tabs
  6. load the session that you saved before