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Reports by version and tester

Sample reporting for each feature:

Who SVN revision Padre version system status
szabgab r13895 v0.84 Ubuntu 10.10 fail #1107
szabgab r15835 v0.86 Ubuntu 10.10 success
szabgab r15835 v0.86 Strawberry Perl 5.12 success

In case of failure please include the following information in the bug report:

Prepare for the testing

  • check whether you are running the to-be-released Padre version by opening the "About" box

If you'd like to test the current development version of Padre then please check it out as

svn co

and then run it from there.

If you'd like to test the release branch then please check out the release branch:

svn co

Do the regular things:

perl Makefile.PL
make test

and then launch padre using

perl -Ilib script/padre

Other possibility is to actually install the release candidate using

make install

and then launch by just typing


What to report

  • for each single item
    • OK or
      • crashes
      • inconsistent behaviour
      • actions that do not work as expected
  • for each section
    • How much time did it take you to perform the tests?

Test Cases

Perl 5 scripts

  1. open a Perl script (using Ctrl-o or File/Open?)
  2. run it by hitting F5
  3. change to the other output variant (external window or internal pane) (Tools/Preferences/Run? Parameters/Use? external window for execution)
  4. run it by hitting Shift-F5
  5. enable syntax checks (View/Show? Syntax Check)
  6. introduce a syntax error and inspect resulting output
  7. click on the syntax error to jump to the position of the error
  8. enable autocomplete at "Tools"->"Preferences"->"Autocomplete"
  9. start typing a word which is already in the file (maybe "warn" from "warnings")
  10. hit Ctrl-Space, select a suggestion and confirm it
  11. enable bracket autocomplete at "Tools"->"Preferences"->"Behavior"
  12. type ( [ { " ' - each of them should get its closing part automatically
Who SVN revision Padre version system status
szabgab r14034 v0.84 Ubuntu 10.10 fail (crash) #1167 (also: Shift-F5 does not do anything)

Perl 5 modules

  1. open a large Perl module from the Padre source
  2. enable "View"->"Show Functions"
  3. double-click on a function name to jump to its location in the file
    • the text cursor should be at the corresponding function in the file
  4. enable "View"->"Show Outline"
  5. double-click on a method name to jump to its location in the file
    • the text cursor should be at the corresponding location in the file

Text files

  1. "File" -> "New"
  2. save it as file.txt
  3. save it as file
  4. load a text file from disk
  5. use "Edit" -> "Go To ..." to jump to a given line
  6. use "Edit" -> "Go To ..." to jump to a given character position

Saving perl file without extension needs to remember its mime-type

See #1107, #849

  1. "File" -> "New"
  2. type in
    use strict;
    use warnings;
  3. save it as file
  4. Check if the mime-type (3rd box on the status bar) says "Perl 5"
  5. Close the file
  6. Open The file using "File" -> "Open"
  7. Check if the mime-type (3rd box on the status bar) says "Perl 5"
  8. Open The file using "File" -> "Save As"
  9. save it as file2
  10. Check if the mime-type (3rd box on the status bar) says "Perl 5"
  1. Repeat the above but this time the content of the file should be
    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    print 42;
  1. A third time in which case the content should be
    print "ok";

Perl distributions and templates and running

  1. create a new Perl 5 distribution: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl Distribution ..."
  2. create an additional "hello, world" style Perl 5 module in the same namespace: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Module"
  3. use "File" -> "Save Intuition" to save the module
  4. create a test for the module: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Test"
  5. run the test: "Run" -> "Run Tests"
  6. run the test: "Run" -> "Run and Build Tests"
  7. create a new Perl 5 script that uses the module: "File" -> "New" -> "Perl 5 Script"
  8. run it: "Run" -> "Run Script"
  9. run it: "Run" -> "Run Script (Debug Info)"
  10. add an infinite loop the the script
  11. run the script and abort it using F6


see #633

TODO: For further description see and expand this test-case

  1. cycle through the files using the keyboard: Ctrl-PageUp? and Ctrl-PageDown?
  2. save the session
  3. close one tab
  4. go to "File" -> "Recent Files" and re-open the file ( #1143, #1148 )
  5. close all tabs
  6. load the session that you saved before

Word Wrap

View -> Word-Wrap. by enabling word wrap, padre wont let you expand the code block horizontally, if you'll try it will go to the next line.

Fresh Padre Installation

TODO: we should add some tests to check if a fresh Padre installation (or an upgrade) works

Other Features

Many of the entries have been moved to their individual pages already. They are all linked from the Features page.