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    168168   * Example: Open a file from a project and one without a project. Use the actionqueue to push a "tab" into each of them and save them. The test script could check if the project-specific and global tab width has been respected. 
     170== Padre::File open dialog == 
     172Padre::File is an abstraction layer for file access in Padre, even if it isn't used everywhere inside Padre. It provides a protocol-independent internal API (featuring read, write, mtime, size and others). 
     174Using this power currently is a pain: The user has to type the whole URL to the file which should be opened. 
     176Some tickets are listed in [wiki:Features/RemoteEditing] 
     178Remote files should be open'able like local files. The default open dialog should be copied for remote files: 
     179 * Select a protocol 
     180 * Fill in protocol-specific options (like servername, username, password, path) 
     181 * Let the user browse the directories and files using the Padre::File API 
     182 * Non-blocking autocomplete (type "lib/Pad" and get "Padre" and "" suggested) 
     183 * Pass the selected URLs to the "Open" -> "Open URL..."  process for opening in Padre 
     184 * Instead of selecting a protocol, the user should be able to type in a (partial) URL (typing "" + ENTER should be the same like selecting FTP and typing "" in the servername field and "/trunk" in the path inputfield 
     186VLC's open dialog is a good sample for handling different protocols (for VLC: media sources) in one dialog. 
     188Possible mentor: Sebastian Willing (developer of Padre and Padre::File)