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Project ideas for people who want to get involved in Padre.

(TODO: connect them to tickets)

Initial list created for Google Summer of code 2011

Full Perl 5 Debugger Integration with Padre

Enlarging automated test suite using Win32::GUITest

(see t/win32)

Enlarging test suite using the actions system

(see xt/actions.t )

Implementing automated tests using Dogtail

( )

yes, that's in Python

Implementing Code::Explain

Code::Explain is a module that will implement all the capabilities of the context sensitive help of Padre. It will have an API to be used within Padre. It will also have a command line interface to make it usable by any editor that is capable of calling external commands such as vim. It will also have a web interface and will be usable as part of an IRC chatbot.

There is a prototype of all this on CPAN but there is a lot of work to be done.

The project is to factor out and greatly enhance the code analysis capabilities that Padre already has.

Perl 6 regex editor

Padre already has a regex editor (Tools / Regex Editor)

Adding a Perl 6 regex editor to Padre and making improvements to the existing Perl 5 regex editor.

GUI CPAN installer for Padre

Padre has a prototype of CPAN installer that is mostly broken.

The following items are in this project: Fix and enhance the CPAN installer of Padre. Integrate it with the plugin manager. Make it work with external perls as well (and not only with the one Padre is running on).