In order to avoid spam and to make sure we have a personal contact with the new contributors of the project we usually keep the registration closed and ask you to first talk to us on IRC:

If you have an IRC client then join #padre @

If you are new to IRC you can connect use the Mibbit web-based IRC client via our page #padre irc channel

Currently the following users can help you adding a new user to our bug tracking system: CSJewel, Sewi, Alias, garu, Ryan52, waxhead and szabgab.

In order to get follow-up e-mails on the tickets you open please register with a valid e-mail address.

The commit bits to our SVN repository are based on the user accounts in the Trac system so in order to get commit bit first you have to register on Trac. Commit bits are handed out quite liberally. Currently Sewi, Alias and szabgab can hand out commit bit. The up-to date list of developers who can add commit bit can be found in the padre:/subversion section of

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