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    88== Release of Padre == 
    10 As of release 0.21 we started a rotation of release managers for Padre. See [wiki:Release_History] 
     10As of release 0.21 we started a rotation of release managers for Padre. As of August 2009 we started a 
     11monthly rotation of release managers. See schedule below. 
     12See [wiki:Release_History] 
    1214 * Obtain co-maintenance permissions for all of the namespaces in the Padre distribution. Talk to Gábor Szabó (szabgab), Adam Kennedy (Alias), or Steffen Müller (tsee) about this. 
    106108 * upload to PAUSE 
     111== Release Manager == 
     113The current release manager is Ryan52 starting from 0.46 (Sept 2009) for about one month 
     115== Release schedule == 
     117The exact release schedule is decided by the current release manager, below are the general guidelines 
     119Padre is released to CPAN about once every week when trunk seems to be in a stable state. 
     121Once a month we set aside a version for a "packaged" release for which we use a longer time on the release branch. 
     123We take the latest regular release and base the "packaged" release right on the regular release. 
     124So for example we have 0.43, 0.44, regular releases then based on 0.44 we create a release branch for 0.45 
     125We give the translators a few days to catch up on this branch. That time will also allow 
     126people to give feedback on 0.44 so we can fix really critical issues on the 0.45 branch. 
     128This release should be scheduled just a few days after Rakudo is released. 
     130Once it is done CSJewell  creates the windows [wiki:Distribution distributions] based on Strawberry Perl. 
     132That means we have these "packaged" and translated releases by ~ 20-25th of every month.